Vacation Sale, Updates, and Banter

Vacation starts for me tonight, and I wanted to do a post with some updates and info for while I am gone. VACATION SALE! While I am gone, I am going to run a 15% Off Sale anything in the Shop - Excludes the guest seller items. No coupon code needed. Everything eligible will be marked down 15% plus normal shipping policies. PLEASE NOTE - I will not be able to ship until I return - Wednesday, May 9th - I am sorry for the delay, Thank you for your understanding LOTS OF UPDATES Did a lot to the site, and added a lot of products over the last couple days. Please take a look for the following changes and additions: - Rookie Collections Added - Gurriel, Turner, Swanson, and Moncada - Tweaked the ho

My Top 5: Current Rookies

The Top 5 lists are really fun for me to do, and I hope they are enjoyable from a readers standpoint. Sticking with my last theme of rookies, I wanted to posted my Top 5 of modern rookies. There is a large gap of years that I am missing (1993-2010) so these are all current players. Some of the cards are tough to get and some are not, but they are all ones that I would never get rid of. Again, no Machado's on this list, and I am sure the players on the list won't be surprising. Number 5: Kris Bryant - 2015 Stadium Club RC #300 Gold Foil Parallel Kris Bryant Rookies were hot! I couldn't get enough. This was the second year since Stadium Club came back. SC was my favorite set from the 90's. The

Site Feedback and Giveaway Results

Thanks everyone for visiting our survey and providing your feedback for the site! I wanted to give an update of the feedback I rec'd. I want to give an update at to some things that have been done, or being worked on, to improve the site based on the feedback people gave. The time you guys spent on the site and survey is greatly appreciated. When the majority of the surveys came in, the feedback was very positive and I feel things have only gotten better. Going into the feedback coming back, I had two main concerns with the site and both came up in the feedback. So I went to work! The main concern that I heard was that that the store was hard to find things, or that there was no organization

My Top 5: Vintage Rookies

Lot's of blogs and people showing their Top 5 cards lately, and it's great seeing everyone's favorite card. In my Manny blog post I really enjoyed doing My Top 5's of some of that collection. I don't show my other stuff enough so I wanted to show what My Top 5 "vintage" rookies are in my collection. I am considering "vintage" anything prior to 1990. These are my favorite rookies that I own, not necessarily most value, but my favorite. Although, in a couple cases, they are the most valuable. Number 5: Ken Griffey Jr - 1989 Score Supplemental #100T Yes, his Upper Deck rookie was the card that changed collecting, but this Score rookie was really cool to own because it was tough to get. If peop

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