Grade the Break - 2018 Stadium Club

Stadium Club is finally here! Since I was a kid, this was always my favorite set. The quality of photo and card has made this a hard set to top for me. Since they brought it back again in 2014 they have stuck to the same formula,. and added a nice checklist of old-timers. This set features a little bit of everything parallels, inserts, variations, autos, and good rookies. Stadium never features relics but that would be a cool to see down the road. I am quite disappointed that I didn't see the checklist of the set sooner, but I will be better prepared for the next Stadium Club breaks. There are a lot more of PROS than CONS to this product, and though our break was the best with what we got, I

New Stuff at The Card Swap

Hello Everyone! Lots of updates and things going on at The Card Swap. Worked a lot over the past week on some cool new things for the site and thought this was a good place to share everything. T-Shirt Store I always thought having a few T-Shirts would be a really fun idea. Going to have new "series" of 3 shirts come out every couple months. Not charging a lot for them, just think it's fun to have on the site. The first batch is ordered and will be here in 2 weeks. But pre-orders are up for the sale. There are three designs to start. Hope you guys like them! Check them out here Here is one of them that is for sale! Refreshed my Logo Let me know what you think! The first one came out blurry

Grade the Break - 2018 Topps Finest Master Box

In between the Topps Series 2 release and the Stadium Club release date, I wanted to do something fun, quick, and cheap for everyone to break. I chose a master box of Topps Finest because the price dropped already since Ohtani went down. I have never opened Finest before, but it's a set that I always like to pick up singles from. I was really excited to open this product and see how sharp the cards looked. I saw pictures of them, but pics don't do these cards justice, they are beautiful. No variations to look for in Finest, but lots of color parallels and nice inserts. Cards 101-125 are base card Short Prints. PROS * Beautiful card design * Top Rookies - Ohtani, Devers, Andujar, Mejia, Hays,

Grade the Break - Topps Series 2 Jumbo

We had a fun group that broke the Topps Series 2 Jumbo Boxes. We opened two boxes and it did not disappoint. One thing that really stuck out in the Jumbo packs, more than Hobby packs, is how there is so many base cards that just were not exciting. Topps update as the All-Star festivity cards which allows you get more cards of big name players. Series 2 seemed to be filled with middle-relievers and utility players. Don't get me wrong, there were some good players in the base, but a lot of fluff. Still a huge let down that Torres and Acuna are SP only. It was awesome that we pulled an Acuna in the first break, but still. PROS * Every team is well represented with base cards and parallels * Lot

Grade the Break - Topps Series 2 Hobby

I am always struggling with finding good topics to right about, well I had an idea yesterday to "Grade the Break" entries after we rip something. Let me know if you like the idea and if there is anything I can add to the entries. More and more breaks are being scheduled, I just hope that I can keep up. Maintaining a frequent has be more of a challenge than I thought. On June 13th, Topps released series 2 of their flagship Topps product. I was able to have some delivered for the date of release and we ripped two hobby boxes. Here are few notes and highlights about the set and what we got! PROS * Every team is well represented with base cards and parallels * Lots of inserts, and large insert s

Happenings at The Card Swap

Hello everyone - So much going on right now with the site, I thought it would be a good idea to do another blog post about the recent changes, additions, and some things coming up soon! I promise to do a fun blog post soon, but I have been spending so much time upgrading the site I wanted to get all the upgrades in one place for people to see. Don't mind this image much. It's really just there so there is a thumbnail to display on the links. Sorry for the click bait! It is however linked the that card for sale though if you are interested. This was found a box of stuff from my good friend Adam, who features stuff on the site and helps me out a lot. If you are interested in guest selling on t

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