Break Recap From The Past 2 Weeks

Hello Everyone! Lots going on and I haven't been able to keep up with the blog posts once again. Mostly issues with my house so my focus had to be on that. But we had a lot breaks over the last 2 weeks and for the most part, had some good luck. We did a random break of Topps Chrome Jumbo that was quite a dud but everything else had some nice results. Here is the Schedule of what we broke since last update: 8/8/18 - Museum Collection 8/10/18 - Chrome Break #4 PYT 8/12/18 - Optic PYT 8/15/18 - Museum Collection #2 8/17/18 - Chrome Break #5 Random 8/20/18 - Museum Collection #3 8/20/18 - Chrome Break #6 PYT Here are some highlights of what we cracked open! Due to unorganized pictures, I am goin

Grade the Break(s) - 2018 Topps Chrome Jumbo Boxes

Greetings all! I apologize for not getting these done sooner. Since I am behind, and we have broke 4 Jumbo boxes of Topps Chrome, for this post, I am going to combine the four breaks into overall summary of what we cracked open. These four boxes were opened in 3 different breaks: 1 Jumbo PYT, 1 Jumbo Random, 2 Jumbo PYT. Topps Chrome is usually the most anticipated product of the year, and maybe even more this year because of the hot rookies that can be found. If you are new to collecting chrome, this is the flagship Topps set shortened and done with the chrome finish. Usually it's the same image as the Topps set, but not all the time. Chrome revolves around the rookies but there are insert

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