Break Recap - Bowman High Tek Half Case

Bowman High Tek has been a lot of fun this year, but it was also in a mixer of some sort. I was excited to see how a half case would ban out. There isn't a lot of cards in the boxes (10 per box/pack) but they do give 4 on card autos per box. I did my best pricing out some COMBO spots that included teams that didn't have a lot of hits. High Tek is a really cool looking set that offers different patterns and sharp refractors. Take a look at the highlights! (click the gallery to switch to a slider gallery) 24 autos! and we actually hit an extra. For only having 60 cards in this break, it was packed with nice cards. The hit of the night was definitely the Robert Red Diffractor Auto out of 10. Th

Break Recap - Weekly Highlights

Hello all! Had a full week of hits to share from the breaks that we ran. We post more about what we get on Instagram as well if you ever want to see more. Here is what all we broke - 2018 High Tek Mixer - 2 Topps HT & 2 Bowman HT - 2018 MLB Mixer #15 (features Topps Chrome Jumbo, Bowman's Best, and Topps High Tek) - 2015-2018 Topps Chrome Hobby Mixer (images did not turn out like I hoped for the Chrome Mixer. There wasn't a ton in this one though) Take a look at the highlights! (click the gallery to switch to a slider gallery) We had a really fun week of breaks. The Chrome Mixer #2 was a little disappointing, as was the first, so I don't think we will do that with Chrome Hobby again. We are

Break Recap - SUPER MIXER #2

In December, we ran our first Super Mixer and had a blast with it. There were requests to do them more often so we did another one this week. The first break was 10 boxes and the second was 7, but I chose some higher quality products for the second one. We were looking for 22 hit in this one (not all pictured below). The line up for Super Mixer #2 was: Triple Threads Bowman's Best Topps Chrome Jumbo Topps Gold Label Bowman High Tek Topps High Tek Gypsy Queen Take a look at the highlights! (click the gallery to switch to a slider gallery) In my opinion, this was the best break that we have ever had at The Card Swap. It would be hard to find a better box of Bowman High Tek. There are four auto

Break Recap - Highlights of 3 MLB Breaks

Hello all! Finally back with a recap. This one will highlight three breaks from this past week. It was quite a hot streak and there were a lot of breakers. Here is what all we broke - 2018 Bowman's Best - 2 Boxes - Random Teams - 2018 MLB Mixer #14 (Chrome Jumbo, Bowman's Best, Topps High Tek - 2018 Bowman's Best Hal Case - 4 Boxes - PYT Take a look at the highlights! (click the gallery to switch to a slider gallery) Awesome couple of breaks! Was our first Ohtani non-redemption out of Chrome, so that was a really nice addition to someone's PC. The Nationals had another big with week with more Soto and Kieboom. Altuve showed up again in Bowman's Best. The Angels had more nice hits coming with

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