Break Recap - 2018 Super Mixer #5

We ran our another super mixer on Friday night! The super mixers have been a lot of fun, with a lot of hits and chances to look at a bunch of different cards. Here's a box by box breakdown of what we pulled out of seven boxes with 30 hits total(we were expecting 28): 2018 Panini Chronicles: Chronicles has been really enjoyable in its 2018 incarnation, with fifteen different insert sets, so this is a chance to see a lot of cool looking cards. Each box has three autos and one relic card. Our autos from this box were a Lane Adams(Cubs) base auto out of the Panini set, a Jose Osuna(Pirates) base auto out of Select, and a great looking Gleyber Torres(Yankees) base Spectra auto. Our relic was a ni

Break Recap - 2018 New Vintage Mixer

We tried something new Monday night, with a break of new "vintage" styled products. This included a box of 2018 Topps Gypsy Queen, boxes of 2018 Topps Heritage and 2018 Topps Heritage High Number, and a box of 2018 Topps Archives. A total of five hits in this break, a lot of cool vintage styled cards, and a monster hit made this a fun one. 2018 Heritage and Heritage High Number were the first boxes we opened. The set features current players in the 1969 Topps design. 2018 Heritage gave us one of the biggest hits we've ever pulled. A really nice Reggie Jackson stamped buyback rookie card auto, numbered out of 10. A huge hit for the A's. 2018 High Number has a lot more rookies to pull in the

2019 Topps Series 1 Highlights

We did four separate breaks of 2019 Topps Series 1 Jumbo here at The Card Swap. Each box of Jumbo promises two relics, generally one game used relic and one manufactured patch, as well as one auto. In addition, inserts include the usual gold numbered to 2019, as well as Rainbow foils and inserts in the 1984 design. Each box of jumbo we ripped also included two silver packs as well. The silver packs feature the 1984 design in a foil variation with the opportunity for color and autos. We ran two release day breaks as PYT breaks with three boxes, and two breaks after with each spot being random teams of two boxes. Let's take a look at what we pulled out of flagship! Our first break yielded six

Break Recap - Topps Tribute

Last night we ripped into a box of 2018 Topps Tribute. Tribute is a hobby only release with every box guaranteeing three on card autos and three relics. Each box has eighteen cards total, and everyone in this break was guaranteed a card. We actually ended up getting nineteen cards out of this box. Let's check out what we pulled! The cards in this set are really appealing. They have a nicely textured wood-like frame and a smooth looking finish to them that really pops in person. For base cards from the set, we pulled the following: Duke Snider(Brooklyn Dodgers), Manny Machado(Baltimore Orioles), Willie Stargell(Pittsburgh Pirates), Nelson Cruz(Seattle Mariners), Aaron Judge(New York Yankees)

Break Recap - Super Mixer #4

On Wednesday we ran another super mixer! The super mixers have been giving us chances for a lot of great hits and we definitely pulled some in this one. Here's a box by box breakdown of what we pulled out of seven boxes with 27 expected hits: 2019 Topps Series One Jumbo: We busted a jumbo of flagship that promised two relics and one auto. Our first hit out of Jumbo was a Matt Chapman Legacy of Baseball auto for the A's, numbered out of 150. The relics were a 150th Anniversary medallion of Max Scherzer and a nice jersey relic of Jean Segura for the Mariners. A lot of duplicates in the base cards, but always nice to break some flagship. No color or autos pulled from the silver packs, but the

Break Recap - Panini Chronicles 3 - Box Break

Last night we broke three boxes of Panini Chronicles. This was the first time we've done a break of just Chronicles, which has been a really fun product this year, and a lot of people's favorite. Panini this year has cut down on the base cards, so the set features a wide variety of inserts with opportunities for some really nice pulls. As a hit heavy product, these three boxes didn't disappoint! There were many cards from this break that went straight into penny sleeves. A sizable amount of the big rookies of 2018(Ohtani, Acuna, Soto, Torres) all had multiple cards pulled, with the best of those being a Gleyber Torres Spectra auto out of 99. Other autos included a Rafael Devers dual relic/au

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