2019 Stadium Club Box Preview

Stadium Club was released Wednesday the 26th and it's probably the set that I look forward to the most. I needed an excuse to open up a box, so here we are with our first product preview. I have been wanting to do this for awhile but never seem to have enough product. Moving forward, I will be trying to purchase a bit extra to be able to do this on release day. The box was broke live on my You Tube Channel. I really just wanted to check everything out before our series of Stadium Club breaks. It's always fun to check out the inserts in Stadium Club, along with the nice foil parallels that look sharp on the colorful photography. The checklist is packed with rookies such as Vlad Jr, Tatis, Alo

Recent PC Additions

Since the website started, my personal collection took a back seat to growing the business. Over the last couple months I have been trying to remember I was a huge collector and that's what got into wanting to do my own site. I've added a couple of really nice cards to the PC, but also some fun cards because...collecting is fun right?!?! The cards have come from all different places. I've had some good luck at card shows lately. A couple of things were opened in one of my breaks and we worked out a deal. I've also had some friends send things they knew I've been looking for. Thank you everyone for helping me add to my PC once again. Here are some of the things I've been adding... I wanted to

Product Recap - 2019 Museum Collection

Museum Collection dropped this past week. We did our first ever Serial Number Break and this was the perfect product for this format. If you aren't familiar with a Serial Number Break, there are 10 spots, numbers 0-9 are randomized to the people in the break. That number becomes their number for the break. Any card that is serial numbered, and ends in that number will go to that person. If the card is not numbered, it will just go to the last digit of the card number. It was a lot of fun to break in this format and made every card important. It didn't hurt that we got some really nice cards from these breaks. I posted one to break on Saturday and it sold in less than a day, so we broke that

Product Recap - 2019 Topps Series 2

Series 2 of Topps flagship product was released on June 12th. We ran two breaks of Series 2, each break consisted of 2 hobby boxes and 1 Jumbo. This was a great way to check out the whole product and we did really well. There are a lot of things to look for in Series 2 this year. There is an un-numbered Vlad Jr SP RC. It also features Alonso and Eloy rookies. Always a big part of the Topps flagship product are the variations and parallels. More information about variations and parallels can be found in the Variation Guide. We did well in all aspects and Topps delivered in a big way with this release. These were very eventful breaks which isn't always the case with the base set product. We ev

Product Recap - 2019 Topps Finest

2019 Topps Finest came out earlier this month and we had a lot of fun opening up the Finest product this year. Each year, it's always one of my favorite product. It's a higher end chrome card that offers beautiful refractors and on-card autos. My only issue with the Topps Finest set is that the boxes don't offer a ton of cards and I always want more. They did a great job with spreading out the cards in the set per each team. We purchased 3 cases of Finest. One case was broke by itself. One case was split into two half case breaks. The last case will be split up into a half case, there was a 2 box random, and there 2 left that will probably go into mixers. Check out some of the highlights...

The Card Swap Weekly Update

EDIT 6/4 - Topps Finest Half Case #2 and the Prospect Mixer will switch days for breaking (Finest - Thursday, Prospect - Friday) - AB Hello All - Who's ready for 2019 Topps Finest?!? We have 3 breaks planned for this week that will feature Topps Finest. I also added a cool prospecting break for this week as well. Added some new singles to the shop. Lots of Mojo refractors and hot prospects. Links Below. Topps Finest checklist was released. There are few teams left in the first half case break. I adjusted the prices for those remaining teams. This will be breaking Wednesday night (pending any delivery delays). Here are the links for the first coming Finest Breaks. 2019 TOPPS FINEST 2-BOX

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