MLB Mixer Recap

Clearly Authentic was supposed to drop on Wednesday, but Topps pulled this until October. Luckily, we had a couple Archives Signature as a fill in. This break consisted of Stadium Club, Bowman Platinum, Finest, Inception, Archives Signatures, Tier One, and Museum Collection. Check out the highlights... First up, Stadium Club. Most known for the card art and parallels, it did not disappoint. A handful of red and black foil (most notably Pujols, Roger Maris, and Warp Speed insert Billy Hamilton), lead up to the peak card of a Yadier Molina Lone Star Signature /25. Others to note: Josh Rogers RC Auto, Tony Gwynn Beam Team, Pete Alonso base RC, Fernando Tatis Jr base RC, Mookie Betts box topper

Top 5 Most Sold Players On eBay

We all have that pile of cards in some room: One that you have combed through at least fifty times. In sifting through them, you find some winners. Whether it be the glorious Mike Trout rookie, or a card that brings great memories to you (for me, it’s any Andrew McCutchen card). After spending countless hours sifting, top-loading, and deciding which ones to sell, you begin to think, “how many Lastings Milledge cards actually have sold recently?” (211 as I write this). These are the top five most sold players in the past three months. **One thing to note. I am relying on eBay statistics here. 1.1 million cards sold by the player were unspecified. Be sure to make your eBay listings extremely d

The History of Allen & Ginter

I want to introduce Pat R to everyone! He's been breaking with me for awhile and offered to write some short and fun blog entries for the site. He's going to be writing up some entries about all different kinds of topics including cards, baseball in general, and some fun top 5 lists! This is Pat's first entry and he gives us the history of the Allen & Ginter product. I have a few of these original cards that I've included images of below. The A&G card is pretty chewed up but it's from the late 1800's, so it's to be expected. The other two are from the early 1900's and are in much better condition. Enjoy this post and thanks again Pat for helping out! I have always been intrigued by Allen & G

Case Break Recap - 2019 Archives Signatures

Archives Signatures Series Active Player Edition dropped last week (Weds 7/10) which features buy back cards of active players, that signed by the player, stamped/numbered/ and encased by Topps. There is only 1 card per box and is a very high risk-high reward product, as you will see shortly. This case was broken into 2 half-case serial number breaks. 10 spots each break. The first half case was not exciting. I was worried that it would hurt the second one filling. But everyone got really excited about what could be in the remaining boxes, so the second break filled and broke the next day! Everyone was right...Check out the highlights! The second half-case was superior to the first one in a

Survey Results

Thank you to everyone that filled out the survey that was posted a couple weeks. There were a lot of submissions and I really appreciate your time to fill that out. The feedback I rec'd was great and so helpful in making sure that I provide the best experience for you. Here is the feedback I heard, and I'll let you know what I'll be doing to keep the site changing and growing... GRADED CARDS AND SERVICES I personally never collected Graded Cards, so it's definitely a segment of the hobby that is missing from my site. After the feedback, there is a clear interest in graded cards. I will be adding graded cards to the shop. I am currently looking to purchase lots and slowly build up the selecti

2019 Bowman Platinum 2-Blaster Box Preview

Bowman Platinum was released again as a Wal-Mart exclusive product. I was able to get 9 blasters from my local store. There are also Monster Boxes that feature 2 autos. I had been checking their site to try and order some of the Monster boxes, but they weren't showing up when I searched. Immediately after I opened these blasters, I checked the site again and they were there! Stayed tuned for a full break of Bowman Platinum! The box was broke live on my You Tube Channel. Bowman Platinum was a product back in 2012 that got me really back in collecting again. It offers prospects, stars, and rookies. Lots of fun parallels and variations as well. 4 SP rookie to chase are Vlad Jr, Tatis, Alonso, a

Case Break Recap - 2019 Stadium Club

Topps released 2019 Stadium Club this past week. We broke a case of it, broken up into 2 half-case breaks. Since I was collecting in the 90's, Stadium Club has always been my favorite set. I was excited when they brought back in 2014 and liked the progress of the product since then. Last year I felt the hobby product of the product was a huge let down, but the product itself was still packed with good cards. 2019 was the exact opposite, so far the hobby product has been very enjoyable and has given us plenty of nice cards. Very happy with the adjustment. On release day, I previewed a box if you want to check out more about the set. Both of the breaks can be watched at the YouTube Channel as

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