Draft Picks - Greene to Adley

In conjunction with the 2019 Bowman Draft recently releasing, it’s a great time to refresh our memories on the top five players selected in the 2019 MLB Draft. For those that are new to the scouting grades, here's how they break down: 30 or less: Mario Mendoza at the plate (bad) 31-49: David Price vs the Yankees (below average) 50-59: Regular season Howie Kendrick (average) 60-69: Joey Gallo’s hard hit ball rate (above average) 70+: Barry Bonds’ 72 home run season (top tier) Note: I realize my comparisons are subjective. I’ve never seen anything like Bonds’ season since then. I use that as a comparison because you will rarely see a 70+ rated prospect at any skill. Also, most grades are in 5

Was Rendon Worth it?

Anthony Rendon, the new Los Angeles Angels third baseman, recently signed for 7 years,/ $245 million. I’ve heard many variations of “he’s not worth that”. Let me shed some light on this for you. As mentioned, Rendon’s contract is for 7 years with a total value of $245 million with a full no trade clause. The Dodgers and Nationals were also in the hunt to sign, but came up a tad short. To compare to other full time third basemen, he’s tied Nolan for the top spot on yearly salary at $35 million per year with Machado a close third at $32 million per year. Seems like a lot of money for a guy that the average fan isn’t aware of. Let’s break down arguably the top three third basemen from last year

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