History of the Topps All-Star Rookie Cup

In a recent break we had, I asked about the significance of the cup that was on the card of Yordan Alvarez. Topps features the cup on certain players in their Topps and Heritage products. They refer to as the "Topps All-Star Rookie Cup" and would imply that the player made the All-Star Game as a rookie. That is not always the case... Back in 1960, Topps rolled out what they called their “Topps All-Star Rookie Team”. This consisted of a full infield and outfield plus two pitchers (a RHP and a LHP). The first set, which commemorated the 1959 rookies had the phrase “Selected by the youth of America” on it. This set was most famous for Willie McCovey. Topps dropped the “Selected by the youth of

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