Break Points - Changes and Updates

Hello Everyone! I wanted to update everyone on some changes to the BREAK POINT system. This new point structure will be a lot easier to keep track of and to easier to earn more points. Moving forward, here is how points will be awarded... SPEND $10-$19.99 - EARN 1 BREAK POINT SPEND $20-$29.99 - EARN 2 BREAK POINTS SPEND $30-$39.99 - EARN 3 BREAK POINTS SPEND $40-$49.99 - EARN 4 BREAK POINTS SPEND $50-$69.99 - EARN 7 BREAK POINTS SPEND $70-$99.99 - EARN 10 BREAK POINTS SPEND $100+ - EARN 15 BREAK POINTS Points will be earned on SINGLES, SUPPLIES, & BREAK PURCHASES Look for this icon on any page from the shop to check your balance or create an account!

2020 Topps Gypsy Queen Overview

Design: Topps refreshed the design of Gypsy Queen from 2019 by moving the logo to the top left of the card, rather than the center bottom. They also rearranged the nameplate to feature the last name first with the first initial and position following as well as getting rid of the year across the top of the card. Uniqueness: Gypsy Queen is unique as it bases it’s design off of the 1887 N174 Gypsy Queen set. It’s inserts are based on psychic’s and their ability to tell the future. The Fortune Teller minis and Tarot of the Diamond inserts crosses the supernatural with baseball. Checklist: Each box contains two autographs, one chrome topper, four Fortune Teller Mini cards, three Tarot of the Dia

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