Decks By The Decade - 1960's Part One

1960 Topps: . You cannot talk about the Red Sox or Giants without mentioning these two players who debuted in 1960; Willie McCovey and Carl Yastrzemski. Willie McCovey debuted in 1959 with the San Francisco Giants and captured the rookie of the year honors. At the time of his retirement, McCovey was #2 on the HR list behind Babe Ruth, ending his career with 521 HR. Stretch won MVP in 1969 while hitting 45 HR, 126 RBI, with a batting average of .320 and an OPS of 1.108. Because of his gargantuan power, the body of water outside of the park was nicknamed McCovey Cove because he would frequently hit the ball so far it would land in the water. Before even playing a game, Topps whipped out Carl Y

Who's Hot/Who's Not Week 5

Stats are for the time period of August 20th to August 28th. Manny Machado (3B San Diego Padres) 5 HR 10RBI .556 BA 1.896 OPS Statcast: xBA 91st percentile, xwOBA 87th, xSLG 85th, Barrel% 82nd. Analysis: Machado's stats are pointing to his 2016 season which is arguably his best. This streak included 3 homers in yesterday's doubleheader. Even his outs are being hit hard with a 110MPH lineout to a Card Swap autograph favorite Abraham Toro. He grabbed NL Player of the Week for last week and even hit a go ahead homer in the 8th inning. Brandon Belt (1B/OF San Franciso Giants) .571 BA 1.640 OPS Statcast: Barrel% 99th percentile, Hard Hit% 97th, xSLG 96th, xwOBA 93th, Whiff% 44th Analysis: Up unti

Decks By The Decade - 1950's

The 1950's saw the introduction of some of the best players to ever play on the field. We also saw the establishment of perhaps the most popular card manufacturer in the hobby. Combine these two factors, and it's safe to say that the 1950's were the most important decade in card collecting. Before we can get into the decks themselves, it's important to mention the two rookies that strengthened the value of these sets: Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays Perhaps the most famous switch hitter, Mickey Mantle patrolled center field for the most popular team in the country at the time - the New York Yankees. Mickey was signed out of high school by the Yanks and shot through the minors. Thanks to Joe Di

Who's Hot/Who's Not Week 4

Stats are accumulated from August 14th - August 20th @ 8pm Anthony Santander (OF Baltimore Orioles) 5 HR 6 RBI .435 BA 1.736 OPS Statcast: Outs Above Average 94th percentile, Outfielder Jump 93rd, K% 92nd, xBA 92nd, xSLG 91st, Barrel Analysis: The Balitmore Orioles have been a fun team that has overshot their expectation by a ton and most of it is thanks to Anthony Santander. The four year outfielder has ripped off a couple of great weeks, but none like last week. To go with the excellent hitting is his borderline Gold Glove status in the outfield. As long as the O's continue to hit, Santander will continue to provide the power. Dominic Smith (1B/OF New York Mets) 2HR 9 RBI .435 BA 1.413 OPS

Decks By The Decade - 1940's

The 1940’s for the hobby was an intriguing time. Due to World War 2 starting in 1942, there were restrictions on ink, cardboard, and other essentials for baseball cards to be produced. Because of this, very few sets were printed. Once the restrictions were lifted, two famous sets popped up. 1948-1949 Leaf: Even though the sets copyright was for 1948, Leaf Gum cards weren’t actually released until early the following year. Because of this copyright loophole, these cards hold more value than its competition which will be mentioned momentarily. This set featured 98 cards; 49 base cards and 49 short prints. To entice more purchases, on the backs of these cards you’ll see if you sent in ten gum w

Who's Hot/Who's Not Week 3

Stats accumulated from August 7th to August 14th at 8pm EST Charlie Blackmon (RF Colorado Rockies) .625 BA (.472 for the season) 1.595 OPS .636 BABIP 1 HR 6 RBI Statcast: xBA 99th percentile, xwOBA 97th, K% 95th, Whiff% 71st Analysis: Chuck Nasty is averaging, for the year, a .508 BABIP. He's simply hitting them where they ain't. We're all hoping that Blackmon can keep up the trend and finish at least above a .400 BA for the year. He's bumped up his Statcast numbers since the last time he was on the list, expanding his xBA, xwOBA, and lowering his K%. Jesse Winker (OF Cincinatti Reds) .647 BA 2.008 OPS .667 BABIP 3 HR 4 RBI Statcast: xwOBA 94th percentile, Exit Velo 93rd, xBA 90th, xSLG 80th

Decks by the Decade - 1930's

The 1930’s saw the introduction of one of the most famous and valuable sets in the hobby: Goudey Baseball. Before diving into this iconic set, there are a couple of cards that need to be mentioned. 1939 Play Ball: This set was a crucial set in the hobby. These cards became bigger than its competitors, closer to the size we know today. They featured detailed player biographies on the backs of the cards as well. The most important aspect of this set was that the business that created these gum packs, Gum Inc, would go on to become the Bowman’s that we know today. Gum Inc. was founded by a fellow named Walter Bowman. In 1939, there were no available gum pack baseball cards. These were typically

Who's Hot/Who's Not Week Two

Stats are from June 30th to 6pm July 6th. Donovan Solano (SS San Fransico Giants) .500 BA .516 OBP Statcast: xBA: 92nd percentile, xwOBA: 75th xSLG: 81st, K%: 83rd Analysis: The Giants this year (and possibly next) won't be seeing above an above .500 season. However, players like Donovan Solano could help bolster his status as a starter in this league. Solano has been around since 2012 playing for the Marlins ad 9 games with the Yankees. Solano has shown his glove (2013 Wilson Defensive Player), but was rarely considered for his bat (career .666 OPS coming into this year). Solano has caught fire and the Statcast numbers favor a continuation of an above average hitter. Obviously, we're not lo

Decks by the Decade - 1920's

The 1920's in baseball card collecting saw the torch pass from the tobacco cards that were the foundation of the hobby, to a different style of cards. 1922 Fans Cigarette (T231): This mystery set of late tobacco cards popped up back in 1984 at an antiques show in the Midwest. There's not much known about this set in that it was such a short print run. There are reports of anywhere between a checklist of 84 cards to 231 cards. Only two cards have been reported: Frank Baker and Carson Bigbee. Much like every tobacco card, the front features a picture of the player, while the backs have the statistics. Given the rarity of this set, it's incredibly hard to put a value on these cards. I looked th

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