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Social Media

We need help growing our Facebook and Twitter following.

Looking for people to help our pages get likes, while sending traffic to the main web site.

Pages already set up and ready to go. 

Promote Facebook Group

Engage with users on Twitter about the site. 


We are always looking to grow. Heres how others can contribute to The Card Swap...

Want to make money from selling cards?

Want experience in promotion and marketing?

Want to earn break credits?

Or just want to help us grow?


Guest Selling

NO FEES! - In exchange for help promoting the site. I will list your cards for no additional fees (payment fees only)

Flexible arrangements for shipping

Quick easy payments made to PayPal once a card sells. 

The more we have available, the more everyone benefits.

Guest sellers will get special links in newsletters when cards are added.

Guest Blog

Get your blog entries featured on our home page!

Use it to drive traffic to your own blog.

Write about your card experiences, collect, or anything interesting that involves baseball cards


Would like to expand our T-Shirt line

The Card Swap is looking for people to help create T-Shirt ideas.

Help with concepts, design, and promotion

Let's see how we can big we can make the T-Shirt shop!


Are you good at finding at good deals?

I'll give purchasers a small budget each week to find steals that can be listed on the site. 

Earn Break Credits and Bonuses

If you are interested in contributing to our site,
or just have questions about the program...
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