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The Card Swap Giveaway
Let's make a deal! I'll give away more stuff, if you all help me spread the word about the website. Here you will find the current giveaway and all the ways to enter/support the site. 
Current Giveaway 
Current Card Swap Giveaway
Break Mat + Supplies
+ Soto 23 Big League Super Rare Red Foil
Ways to enter:
- Tag me on social media with a mailday from TheCardSwap
@TheCardSwap - Instagram, Reddit, YouTube
            - @SwapTheCard - Twitter
- Comment & Like Latest Card Sesh Video
- Retweet any tweets from @SwapTheCard on Twitter
- Comment & Like
Latest Blog Entry 
I'll try to do the giveaway every couple weeks but there won't be a set schedule. Each giveaway will be done live with a singles video via Looking forward to getting more eyes on the site and giving away some stuff!!

No Back-to-Back Winners

Please let me know if you have any questions.

- Thanks everyone! AB
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