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The Card Swap's First Pitch

Thank you for visiting our Blog. For the first post, I wanted to really outline what my vision for the Card Swap. I love collecting. You will notice this in that no breaks will contain the Baltimore Orioles. Sorry O's fans! Though this seems like a "business", I want to build my PC like the rest of you. My hopes are that it can grow to be a small card community where people can meet others with similar card interests, have some good discussions about the hobby, and make some deals.

the card swap

As far as my PC and what I love to collect, Manny Machado is my super PC. I currently am at 614 different Mannys, and 1054 Total. I also collect Topps flagship product for a project for my daughter. She was born in 2015 and since them I have been doing a binder for here with all of the rookies, inserts, and relics. I think it will be really fun to be able to go back and show her all the players and with the inserts, I'll be able to teach her about all eras of baseball. She already has a nice collection of rookies in the binder. Hope she likes it.

Other things that I like to collect are George Springer, Michael Jordan, WWE, and Elvis. There are a lot of other random players that I like to buy if I see at a good price as well: Nolan Arenado, Rougned Odor, Stephen Strasburg, Junior, Jose Canseco. Please email me if you have anything that you may want to move.

I am looking forward to using the blog to communicate with everyone as this grows. Thanks again for checking out the site!

- AB

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