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My Manny Super PC

This was an entry I couldn't wait to write! I told myself I would save this one for when I didn't have another topic at the time. So that didn't take long. Don't be surprised if it's my longest entry. About two years ago, I was tired of buy boxes and packs and not having much luck, especially for collecting guys I like. After wasting too much money on retail and random hobby boxes, I started focusing my efforts on the one player I was searching for the most...Manny Machado. In May of 2016 I had 88 Machado cards just by buying ones I saw and base from packs. I had one or two autos and 3 relics. Then it became an actual project. I didn't buy anything unless I knew it had a chance for more Manny's. This mostly meant buying singles on ebay, comc, and at shows. This is also where I discovered breaks and what made me want to do this site. If I had this much finding Manny cards, maybe I can help others find their PC guys.

It is now March of 2018, almost two years since I put forth most of my focus into building the best Manny PC I could. So what did the 88 Manny's turn into now. As of 3/15/18, I have 632 different Machado cards, and a total of 1091 including doubles. Here are some other fun stats about my collection so far:

## 27 Autos ##

## 65 Relics (includes manufactured and plates) ##

## 170 Serial Numbered Cards ##

## 459 Doubles ##

## 55 Different RCs, 120 Total ##

click the link to see spreadsheet

This is a great place for me to do something I have always wanted to do with my Manny collection...TOP 5 lists!


1 - 2013 Topps RC Silver Slate Auto - Wrapper Redemption only. Only 50 made. Sticker Auto. No parallels. This was a card I always wish existed and had no clue. Was lucky to get one off ebay. #d 12/50 (13 of 50 would have been awesome)

2 - 2017 Topps 87 30th Anniversary All Star Auto Wood Card. This whole card is a piece of wood and the picture will never do it enough justice. Numbered 2/5.

3 - 2013 Topps Finest RC Auto Orange Refractor. Not the toughest card to find, but I love any orange refractor of Manny. This is a great photo on the card which just adds to how sweet it is. This one is numbered 33/99 and was one of my first really nice autos that I bought of his.

4 - 2017 Topps Clearly Authentic Auto Red Refractor. Acetate cards have always been some of my favorite to collect. This is a red parallel and is numbered 28/50. The back of this card is awesome as well - not pictured

5 - 2014 Topps Dynasty Auto. This card is just pretty. The shading on photo, the silver ink, and the nice patch made it a must for my list. This one is numbered 1/10.


1 - 2013 Turkey Red RC SSP - Most Manny collectors would agree that this is a must-own rookie of his. This was a tough card to find, being a SSP plus the boxes were only available online at the time. Everything about this card just tells you that this a classic.

2 - 2017 Topps RC Variation 2 SSP - This was my favorite rookie until I finally got the Turkey Red. Always been a fan of variations. There was 2 variations of Manny's main Topps rookies.

3 - 2013 Topps Chrome Orange Refractor - Again, I love orange refractors. A chrome, orange, rookie of Manny is definately going to make the list.

4 - 2013 Topps Bowman Platinum RC - I usually go towards the vintage looking cards, but this one is just smooth and pretty. Bowman Platinum was tougher to find back then, and this card is more rare than some of the others.

5 - 2013 Topps Five Star RC - Same photo as the Topps Finest RC Autos which is ok by me. This card is very tough to find as they only made 75 of the base. This card would be higher on my list if it weren't for one thing, there is no RC icon on this card. His autos from the same set has it but not the base. Cardboard Connection has a list highlighting his rookie cards and they talk about how rare this card is.


1 - 1992 Topps Gold Winner

2 - 1987 Topps Future Stars

3 - 1989 Bowman Sparkle

4 - 1986 Topps

5 - 1975 Topps

More Top 5 lists to come. That was fun! Also, for those interested in Manny Machado, I will be starting up a store just for my doubles. Hopefully others can build their pc as well!

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