My Top 10: Jose Canseco Wax Years

Every collector has that one team or player that got them collecting. For me, and a lot of collectors my age, that player was Jose Canseco. Chasing his cards was what got me hooked on card collecting. I thought he was so cool, and more importantly, I thought I was so cool for collecting his stuff, wearing t-shirts with him on them, wearing Oakland A's hats, and changing my batting stance to look like him. I was 9, don't judge. There may or may not have been a replica A's batting helmet that I would wear over my other A's hats, in public. Ok, there was. My collection of him made me so proud at the time. I still remember where I was when I got special cards of him, and how I felt when I got them. I still get that feeling when as I pursue my Manny Machado PC. I think my favorite part of my Jose Canseco collection isn't the cards or keeping them all these years, it's how I feel now when I see certain cards of his. It's an instant time warp to a time in life when I was a kid and my biggest worry was what packs I should buy with my allowance or paper route money.

This post originally was going to be another one of my Top 5 lists, but who was I kidding? As I was going through all my stuff, I quickly learned this would be impossible to limit to five. Too many cards shot me back and time and I couldn't narrow it down. So now it's going to be a Top 10 plus way too many Honorable Mentions.

Number 10: 1991 Leaf #182

1990 Leaf was a huge hit and it was a cool design, but I really liked Leaf's follow up set in 1991. I really like the gray border and overall design. Another slick design from Leaf. Gray and Black is a favorite combo of mine, so this card has always stuck out to me.