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Grade the Break - 2018 Allen & Ginter - 3 Hobby Boxes

Probably one of the most polarizing sets that Topps produces. Collectors either love Allen & Ginter, or they simply do not. This set is known for the non-sport cards and inserts that are included in these packs. It's a turn off to some collectors, some like them, and most tolerate them. My biggest problem with the A&G set in the past is the quality of the relics. Though they go well with the set, the base relics do not carry much value. The framed mini relics, are a different story. This set doesn't feature any variations and numbered cards are rare. Like Gypsy Queen, A&G also feature mini versions of the base card. These mini's also come with different border parallels.


* Unique, vintage card design

* A chance at really nice booklet cards

* Key Rookies (Ohtani, Torres, Acuna, Albies, and more)

* Hot Box Parallels

* Stars, Legends, and Rookies

* Team card distribution is pretty even. Some teams have more, but all teams are well represented.

* Some collectors enjoy the non-sport inserts to this set

* Box Toppers

* World Talent inserts are pretty nice. Especially the rookie ones.

* Mini's


* Card design, though unique, can blend together. Cards aren't very different from one another

* Lack of numbered cards/parallels

* Lack of player inserts. There are plenty of moons, beaches, and peppers in this set, but not many inserts for the players.

* A lot of fluff. Not the best set for someone looking for strictly baseball cards. There is a lot of unnecessary bulk to this set.

* The hits can be very cheap and basic.

* Mini's

Allen & Ginter boxes can be a lot of fun or a lot of fluff. Our first box was a Hot Box, which includes all glossy versions of the base cards. The background behind the player is different as well. These cards are SHARP! The one auto we rec'd was a Non-Baseball auto, and I felt that a baseball player needed to be our best card. We did get a couple of nice relics, but most of them were the base relics. Still an entertaining product to open, check out some of the highlights...

Our Best Card

Shohei Ohtani RC Hot Box Parallel - My streak of not getting Ohtani ended, and I'm glad it was for this hot box parallel! We also received his base rookie.

Our Other Hits

Amed Rosario RC Framed Auto Blue Relic - This could have been my choice for best card

Genie Bouchard Framed Auto - Our only auto

Adrian Beltre Framed Bat Relic

Anthony Rizzo base relic with pinstripe

Our other relics were Cespedes (with pinstripe), Yadi (blue jersey), Archer, Buxton, and Heyward, all base relics with white jersey

Some of our key rookies

Ozzie Albies Mini Black Border - Also rec'd his base rookie



This was entertaining to just to see the stuff they throw in this product. The hits were underwhelming. The only auto was a non-baseball player. The one thing that prevented this break from being a lower grade was the hot box that we cracked. The key rookies we got in that box were really nice. A couple of decent player relics was nice. There was not one numbered card. This break could have very easily been a low D but a few things saved it a bit.

Thanks to everyone that joined the break - hope everyone at least enjoyed seeing the product! I wish I had ordered 4 boxes, and done 2 - 2 box breaks to give anyone a chance that missed this one, and could have made the price cheaper per break. I am happy we got to the see the product, unless I get a lot more requests, this will probably be our only A&G break. Unless, I put one in a mixer down the road.

Optic breaks on Friday and remaining teams are 20% off. Check the Upcoming Breaks page to see what else is coming up.

Thanks for reading! - Aaron B

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