Grade the Break - 2018 Allen & Ginter - 3 Hobby Boxes

Probably one of the most polarizing sets that Topps produces. Collectors either love Allen & Ginter, or they simply do not. This set is known for the non-sport cards and inserts that are included in these packs. It's a turn off to some collectors, some like them, and most tolerate them. My biggest problem with the A&G set in the past is the quality of the relics. Though they go well with the set, the base relics do not carry much value. The framed mini relics, are a different story. This set doesn't feature any variations and numbered cards are rare. Like Gypsy Queen, A&G also feature mini versions of the base card. These mini's also come with different border parallels.


* Unique, vintage card design

* A chance at really nice booklet cards

* Key Rookies (Ohtani, Torres, Acuna, Albies, and more)

* Hot Box Parallels

* Stars, Legends, and Rookies

* Team card distribution is pretty even. Some teams have more, but all teams are well represented.

* Some collectors enjoy the non-sport inserts to this set

* Box Toppers

* World Talent inserts are pretty nice. Especially the rookie ones.

* Mini's


* Card design, though unique, can blend together. Cards aren't very different from one another

* Lack of num