2018 Bowman Platinum - The Card Swap Experience

We recently did our third 2018 Bowman Platinum break. There were already two "Grade The Break" write-ups about the other two (First one - Second one). Here is the outline of the 3 breaks as a whole from our point of view. Depending on availability, I will always be open to ripping more Bowman Platinum. I understand some people didn't like the design of the card this year, especially the base cards. I liked it and thought it was cool. Had a 90's feel to it, and I think that could also be what turns people off to the design.

*** The third break was good but definitely not our best when it came to ripping Platinum, A few key cards made the break entertaining but overall it didn't hold up to the other breaks. Break 1 was a B+ and Break 2 was an A! I really nice Evan White and a Hunter Greene auto were really nice hits. The other autos were Kevin Kramer and Dennis Santana. Also rec'd a Jake Burger /150 Blue Refractor.

Evan White Blue Auto /150