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2018 Bowman Platinum - The Card Swap Experience

We recently did our third 2018 Bowman Platinum break. There were already two "Grade The Break" write-ups about the other two (First one - Second one). Here is the outline of the 3 breaks as a whole from our point of view. Depending on availability, I will always be open to ripping more Bowman Platinum. I understand some people didn't like the design of the card this year, especially the base cards. I liked it and thought it was cool. Had a 90's feel to it, and I think that could also be what turns people off to the design.

*** The third break was good but definitely not our best when it came to ripping Platinum, A few key cards made the break entertaining but overall it didn't hold up to the other breaks. Break 1 was a B+ and Break 2 was an A! I really nice Evan White and a Hunter Greene auto were really nice hits. The other autos were Kevin Kramer and Dennis Santana. Also rec'd a Jake Burger /150 Blue Refractor.

Evan White Blue Auto /150

Hunter Green Purple Refractor /250

*** As I mentioned, I loved the look of the base card. I was even more impressed with some of the insert sets. The Prismatic Prodigies and Rookie Revelations are as good as it gets for insert sets.

*** Aside from the Hunter Greene numbered refractor, There was a nice Verdugo Platinum Presence Gold Refractor /50 (pictured below) Some of the other numbered refractors we ripped were: Carlos Correa, Chris Archer, Brendan Rodgers Prismatic Prodigies, and Albert Pujols

*** Here are a few highlights from previous breaks. Trying to show all of the inserts as well:

*** One of my favorite things about Bowman Platinum is that it includes veterans, rookies, and prospects. With the prospects in this set, it evens out all of the teams. There are a lot of teams, in a lot of products that are not well represented. It's great that everyone buying in is getting some cards with Bowman Platinum.

*** We did pull one of the Hunter Greene Variations. I was really happy to pull this, as I love short prints.

*** Lots of Rookies and Prospects! We got most of the key rookies and prospects including: Ohtani, Albies, Greene, Acuna, Torres, and more.

I will always check pricing and availability because the Bowman Platinum product is so much fun and gives you a lot of chances at nice rookies, prospects, and autos. At times I wish this product was easier to get, but that could contribute to the fun of the break. As far as a product experience goes, the B+ grade I think Bowman Platinum should get is a very good grade when considering it's 3 breaks. That's been my general experience when it comes to opening Platinum, in most other years (2012 was my favorite)


Thanks for reading about our experience with Bowman Platinum this year so far. Looking forward to Topps Chrome and Archives! Also, I migrated the shop items to a store on Shopify. Please give the page a look and you will see the products have better filtering and load faster. Very happy with the decision to move the store. Everything feels so much smoother. Thanks again - pardon any typos! - Aaron B

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