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Grade the Break - 2018 Mixer #1

It's been awhile since we did a mixer, this seemed like a perfect time since we were in between some products. We chose to break a hobby box of Topps Chrome, Topps Finest (2 Mini Boxes), Topps Fire, and a Clearly Authentic. This is just going to be some highlights of the break for the most part rather than breaking down each box.

We rec'd an extra relic in the Topps Fire, and an extra Auto in the Topps Chrome. It was the best Mixer break I have ever been apart of to be honest. We got some real nice hits in this one. Enjoy!

Our Best Card

BOOOOOM! Out of Topps Chrome

Other Hit Highlights

Vieira Topps Chrome Blue Wave RC Auto

Brian Dozier Topps Finest Green Wave Auto

Niko Goodrum Auto from Clearly Authentic

A Couple of cool relics

Some other highlights

This was a lot of fun and we pulled some fire to make it even more fun! An Extra auto and relic never hurt anybody. Still shocked about the Judge pull. Absolute Monster. Another easy grade. It may or may not have something to do with me wearing the new yellow Card Swap logo tshirt during the recent breaks! haha



Thanks to everyone that joined the break and congrats to those who hit nice one of the nicer cards in this break. We are going to keep rolling with the Mixer format. We got one more tonight and then will pick it up next week as well.

Three breaks currently planned. A baseball mixer, Bowman High Tek, and NFL Unparalleled Mixer. Check out whats coming up here.

Thanks for reading! - Aaron B

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