Break Highlights from this week...

Hello All! We had three breaks this past week, and with a lot of things to do on the site, I wanted to condense those into one big recap. It was a great week, with more things to come. Here is a rundown of what we opened up this week...

10/1/18 - Bowman High Tek - 3 Boxes - Random Spot/Guaranteed Card

10/2/18 - Mixer #3 - Topps Chrome, Chronicles, Topps Fire, Clearly Authentic - Pick Your Team

10/4/18 - Bowman Chrome - 3 Hobby Boxes - Pick Your Team


Maybe not as good as the last Bowman High Tek that we cracked, but this surely didn't disappoint. Nice autos on top of some nice numbered cards of Robles and Pache. Sorry for the poor quality of these images.

Amed Rosario