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Break Recap - Mixer #5 - 10/15/18

Let the Mixers keep rolling! This was Mixer #5 and featured a Topps Chrome Jumbo box, Bowman High Tek, Topps Gold Label, and Clearly Authentic. This break featured 11 autos, however we hit an extra in Clearly Authentic and it was a hit that changed the feel of the break, on the last card!

During the break, I made a statement that autos were all base out of Chrome and High Tek. I was mistaken on this. In the Chrome break, the Romero auto was a silver refractor numbered out of 499. Sorry about that! Let's get into the highlights!

(click the gallery to switch to a slider gallery)

Up until the last pull, this was a pretty disappointing break. We didn't get a lot of numbered autos, refractors, or major hits. But then the Clearly Authentic saved the break overall. Pulling the Manny redemption was awesome! Especially as huge Manny fan! I am glad it's going to a good home where it will be appreciated



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Thanks for reading another Break Recap!

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