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Break Recap - National Treasures + Acuna Giveaway - 10/21/18

For the first time, we cracked some National Treasures. We have not done a product this high end before and it was a lot of fun. We broke two boxes and gave away an Acuna High Tek Auto to a random person in the break. Each boxes promises 8 cards, we rec'd 9 in each. The 9th card was a booklet in each (pictured below).

This break took a while to fill because of the cost. So some of the break was filled by selling filler spots with a Topps Chrome Break Consolation. I appreciate everyone's patience on waiting to get this filled!

(click the gallery to switch to a slider gallery)

New York Yankees Booklet - Reggie Jackson, Thurman Munson, and Bobby Murcer /25

St Louis Cardinals Rookie Debut Booklet - Harrison Bader and Jack Flaherty /25

This was the Acuna that we gave away to a random person that joined this break

What a fun break! Would have been nice to get a 1/1 of some sort but the Babe Ruth and two booklets definitely made up for it! The college autos were really sharp. I loved some of the patches that we opened as well. Alway nice to get an Ohtani relic as well. Thanks again to everyone that joined - Hopefully we will offer this product again soon!



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Thanks for reading another Break Recap!

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