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Break Recap - Topps Update 2-Box Break - 10/25/18

Topps Update came out this week and we had to get into some of it! We ripped 2 Jumbo boxes on Thursday and I think it went really well for Topps Update. There was tons and tons of base to sort and a lot of it can be fluff. But we got a lot of nice stuff out of Update so I was happy. This was a very complete break in my opinion, we opened 3 variations, a redemption, a really nice refractor out of the silver packs, and a vintage stock parallel. Really exciting to pull such nice stuff out of a product known for not having a lot of value.

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Really fun break! I think everyone enjoyed it, a few teams didn't get much but overall I thought the product was really fun to open. Lots of inserts and gold parallels as well to keep every pack fresh, despite lots of base. The vintage stock parallels are really awesome, just wish they were easier to get...where would the fun be in that?? Thanks everyone for joining this break, May do some of it again!



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