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Break Recap - Mixer #8 - 11/6/18

Tonight we dug into our 8th baseball mixer break featuring a 5 boxes: Topps Stadium Club, Topps Finest, Topps Archives Snapshots, Topps Gold Label, and Topps High Tek (not to be confused with Bowman High Tek). These mixers are always a lot of fun and tend to fill up pretty quickly. This is the first mixer break to include Topps High Tek, and it will definitely be coming back in the future. In total, we picked up 8 autos and a handful of low numbered parallels.

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Some of the highlights of the break were the Syndergaard auto, the Cal Ripken Jr. orange parallel /25, and the Ohtani from Gold Label. The Ohtani was a Class 3 Black Parallel. Honorable mention to the Clint Frazier RookieTEK /99 for having such a slick design. Hope to see more of those! This was a good mixer for the Brewers (especially for any Brandon Woodruff fans) where they picked up 2 autos and a handful of numbered parallels. The Yankees and Orioles also picked up a few nice cards, and the Mets picked up the beauty of a Syndergaard auto mentioned earlier. The Reds hit a couple of nice Iglesias cards. As a whole, the High Tek box was the kindest to us while the other boxes ranged from decent to subpar, resulting in a fairly average break overall.



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