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Break Recap - Reddit Mixer #3 - 11/7/18

The Second break of the night on Thursday was a break for the folks on the /r/baseballcard on Reddit. This was the third mixer I have done this way and all have been a lot of fun! I used the same lineup as Mixer #8, the previous night. The lineup included the following 5 boxes: Topps Stadium Club, Topps Finest, Topps Archives Snapshots, Topps Gold Label, and Topps High Tek (not to be confused with Bowman High Tek). Lots of fun stuff came out of this break, including another 1/1! Congrats to the Cardinals who did really well in this break. Let's get to the highlights...

(click the gallery to switch to a slider gallery)

Really happy to pull another 1/1! Really sweet Ozuna, and the Orange to go with it. A couple nice Rosarios including the hand-numbered out of Archives Snapshots. The auto out of Snapshots, however, was not a surprise as it was the same one we pulled the night before in Mixer 8. I'll be anxious to what other autos surface from these boxes. Gleyber Torres /50 Black out of High Tek could have been a HIT OF THE NIGHT in other breaks. So would the Jack Flaherty auto out of Finest. I think that adds up to this break being a very solid A. Thanks to everyone on Reddit that joined this break. I will probably hold off a bit before the next one as I don't want it to get stale for everyone.



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