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Break Recap - Triple Threads #1 & #2 - 11/8/18

Topps Triple Threads (TTT) finally was released and we broke our first two boxes. It was a blast and I can't wait to more. I was surprised seeing how pretty the cards are in 2018 from Triple Threads. I have never been a huge fan, but things are different this more and I can't wait to break more. Placing an order for more ASAP. Things to look for in TTT are the colored parallels and numbered cards. They are know for one of kind relics and autos. You'll see by some of the highlights below. Everyone was really excited to finally get into TTT since the release date had been pushed back. Take a look at what we got out of the first two boxes. We were not disappointed...

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So much fun ripping into Topps Triple Threads! The Yankees triple auto relic was a huge highlight. What a beautiful card to add to a PC, especially if you were fan of that late 90's Yankees team. The Ozzie Smith was a huge favorite that many people in the break were hoping for. What's not to like about the Wizard? Another nice Cardinals hit was the Tommy Pham auto out of ten, with a sick patch of the Cardinals tail-feather. The low numbered Bryant triple relic was a really nice hit as well. Too bad a Cardinals fan got it! haha Thanks everyone for pre-ordering the Triple Threads break. There is a 3rd break posted and more to come. May even try to get some TTT in a future mixer??? As far a grade - A, easy A



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