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Break Recap - NFL Mixer #1 - 11/11

We continued our NFL breaking on Sunday night with our first NFL Mixer! This break features 1 box each of 2018 Prizm, Illusions, and Phoenix. I was very impressed with all three products we opened up. I really liked Phoenix, especially at the value (Phoenix break has been planned). This break was a ton of fun and we got some really nice cards. Including a one of our of top 10 pulls that we have had! These three sets look very different, but are formatted similarly. We were looking for 8 Autos and 3 Relics. Each set had colored parallels and a lot of them were numbered. It was actually difficult picking cards for this post so that it didn't go on and on. Let's get to the highlights!

BOOM! Barkley Auto! What a nice pull for the Giants! One of our hottest hits to have pulled during our breaks! The Bart Scott is a really cool card (I could be bias because of how much I enjoyed the Ravens team he was on). This break was loaded with numbered cards and parallels, There was a lot of value in these boxes. The Phoenix box really impressed me, like I said. there is a separate Phoenix break now planned because I really want to see how a couple boxes of that one looks. It's only two boxes, but if it still holds up, I'll do a 3-box as well. Another reason why I enjoyed this break, we got lots of great quarterbacks. We got nice cards of Brees, both Mannings, Mahomes, and Wentz. To me this was an break to grade, and I can't wait for the next one! Thanks to everyone that joined this break, hope you all enjoyed the recap!



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