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Break Recap - Mixer #9 - 11/13/18

On Tuesday, we broke MLB Mixer #9. As many of the other breaks, this had some really nice hits in it. This break had a different lineup. it featured Topps Chrome Jumbo, Gold Label, Topps High Tek, and Archives Snapshots. We were looking for 9 autos and lots of numbered parallels. this was a really good lineup and Mixer #10 will be the same lineup. Let's get to the highlights...

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Another great Mixer break! This one featured two retired players are people still like to collect. Dwight Gooden hit out of High Tek was numbered to 75, and Andruw Jones hit out of Archives Snapshots. It was cool to get Gooden as a Yankee for once. Lots of colored and numbered parallels hit as well including a nice Delmonio out of High Tek numbered to 10. We were lucky enough to pull a High Tek Diffractor of top rookies Gleyber Torres and Ronald Acuna Jr. I think this was another "A" level break with the nice Soroka redemption. Lets see how Mixer 10 stacks up with the same lineup. Thanks everyone for joining Mixer #9!



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