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Break Recap - Highlights I missed from the week

This has been a hectic week and there were 3 breaks that I wasn't able to do full recaps on. This recap will feature highlights from the following three breaks (more details about the breaks at the bottom)

1 - Chronicles Division Break

2 - Triple Threads #4 Drafting Format

3 - Topps Chrome Update 10-Mega Box Break - Random Division

Take a look at the highlights!

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Three breaks this week and all had a very different feel and different outcomes. We opened a wide variety of boxes this week and I am looking forward to more!

Break 1 - Chronicles - This was a "pick your division" break, just like the other one we did recently. Pricing was tweaked a bit based on the previous results, I want everyone to feel like they are getting value. The Chronicles boxes were all over the place. The Kershaw plate was nice surprise and only the second plate we have pulled. The other highlights were not necessarily the autos. We hit an Acuna jumbo relic, a Hosmer out of 5, and beautiful Kris Bryant triple relic (that went out to a first time breaker, his son is a big Bryant fan - love when that happens)

Break 2 - Triple Threads Draft - After I screwed up the dates on this, I just wanted to fill it and get it broken. Which we did on Thursday. This was different than our Triple Threads breaks in that we randomized the list of breakers and let them draft their cards from the remaining cards as they go. I love the format but it's hard to coordinate and make sure everyone can be presence. Maybe if we do the draft again, we can do the draft via email chain after the break. As far as the break goes, We scored a Trevor Story redemption and two nice relics. Baez 1/3 and Sale 1/9. And a cool Ty Cobb numbered parallel out of 199

Break 3 - Topps Chrome Update 10 Mega Box - I did this as a random division break and it was fine for the AL WEST, AL EAST and decent for NL EAST. The other divisions didn't fare to well and I am working with those breakers to make sure they feel like they got some value for the money they spent on what ended up being base rookies in some cases. The product was not loaded at all. 3 refractors in 10 of these "mega-boxes". There was only one insert set to go after and it just got boring. I was very disappointed in how they filled these packs. we got 15 Torres cards (one being one of the 3 refractors we got - /99). There is two Torres base rookies in this set for some reason. With a Rookie Debut RC, and his AS Rookie. Why???? We also hit over 10 Ohtanis. We hit 2 autos (Kiner-Falefa and Haniger) helped matters

As a whole, this group of breaks was a little underwhelming but had some redeeming factors that helped get the grade to average. Thanks to everyone that participated in all three of these ones! Lot's more to come




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Thanks for reading another Break Recap!

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