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Break Recap - NFL Phoenix - 11/18/18

I'll say it again...I really enjoy breaking Phoenix. There will be more. On Sunday night, we broke 2 boxes of Panini Phoenix. We broke one box in a mixer last week, and I wanted to do two boxes by itself because of all the fun stuff that came out of one box. Two boxes did not disappoint one bit. There are a lot of fun numbered cards to get to go with 4 autos and 2 relics (total of both boxes). The card design is crisp with a high quality chrome finish. For the value and quality, it might be my favorite of the year, including baseball! Let's get to the highlights...

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BAKER! BAKER! BAKER! A MONSTER of a hit to cap a really fun break from Phoenix. Backed it up with his Green Parallel numbered to /25 as well. Another fun retired player auto turned up for the Cowboys, Billy Joe Dupree. A nice hit that wasn't a relic or auto, was the Aaron Rodgers Green parallel /25. The color burst cards are not numbered, but wow they are cool looking! Thanks everyone for joining this one. It was a great warm up for the NFL Mixer #2 that will be breaking on Monday Night. As for a grade, hard to pull a Mayfield like that and not an A, Plus the /25 and the other sweet hits...easy



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