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Break Recap - SUPER MIXER #2

In December, we ran our first Super Mixer and had a blast with it. There were requests to do them more often so we did another one this week. The first break was 10 boxes and the second was 7, but I chose some higher quality products for the second one. We were looking for 22 hit in this one (not all pictured below). The line up for Super Mixer #2 was:

Triple Threads

Bowman's Best

Topps Chrome Jumbo

Topps Gold Label

Bowman High Tek

Topps High Tek

Gypsy Queen

Take a look at the highlights!

(click the gallery to switch to a slider gallery)

In my opinion, this was the best break that we have ever had at The Card Swap. It would be hard to find a better box of Bowman High Tek. There are four autos in that box and here were the ones we hit: Acuna Redemption, Hoskins Pyroteknics Gold Auto, Pache Auto, Evan White Auto! The Astros hit out of Triple Threads was absolutely amazing! The Astros fan that got that was very happy. The Astros fan that was in the break with another team, was not as thrilled!

I missed something really cool in this break. The Ryan McMahon auto out of Gypsy Queen, was actually the Topps Gum back version which is numbered out 25! Very cool card and I am sorry I missed it. I feel like I do good job of checking out the back every auto, and I missed this one. Was packing the card up to ship and noticed. Sorry about that one! Add it to the list of sick cards in this break.

Another gem that we pulled with the Alex Rodriguez auto redemption out of High Tek. This one is going to the Mariners, very nice hit to go with the Evan White out of Bowman High Tek. We did well with prospect autos as well, some that we hit were: Madrigal, Pache, and Kingery. Some nice other rookie autos we hit included Villanueava, Banda, and Bader.

This break was just loaded. We got lots of nice numbered cards (Stanton and Kingery about are just a couple of what we got) and lot's of nice rookies. This post could have triple this length! The only box that I was hoping for one nice auto out of was the Topps Chrome Jumbo. But that's just being greedy :-)



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