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Break Recap - Weekly Highlights

Hello all! Had a full week of hits to share from the breaks that we ran. We post more about what we get on Instagram as well if you ever want to see more.

Here is what all we broke

- 2018 High Tek Mixer - 2 Topps HT & 2 Bowman HT

- 2018 MLB Mixer #15

(features Topps Chrome Jumbo, Bowman's Best, and Topps High Tek)

- 2015-2018 Topps Chrome Hobby Mixer

(images did not turn out like I hoped for the Chrome Mixer. There wasn't a ton in this one though)

Take a look at the highlights!

(click the gallery to switch to a slider gallery)

We had a really fun week of breaks. The Chrome Mixer #2 was a little disappointing, as was the first, so I don't think we will do that with Chrome Hobby again. We are going to try one with Topps Finest though.

The High Tek Mixer was a blast and we will be running that one again very soon. The Cardinals made out really well in this break with the Yadi redemption and the McGwire auto, they came in the same box too! I really enjoy the diffractors and numbered refractors in High Tek. We did really well with those too. Chipper, Trout, and Alcantara were all nice non-auto hits.

Mixer 15 gave us a lot of nice prospect autos including India, Hoerner, and Ramos. We hit a nice Ryan McMahon out of chrome. That was a blue refractor RC auto numbered to 150. We did really well with rookies in this break, including lots of cool refractors and parallels. We hit a few cool Ohtani's as well.




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Lots of new breaks being added! See what's we have coming up here!

Thanks for reading another Break Recap!

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