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Break Recap - Bowman High Tek Half Case

Bowman High Tek has been a lot of fun this year, but it was also in a mixer of some sort. I was excited to see how a half case would ban out. There isn't a lot of cards in the boxes (10 per box/pack) but they do give 4 on card autos per box. I did my best pricing out some COMBO spots that included teams that didn't have a lot of hits. High Tek is a really cool looking set that offers different patterns and sharp refractors.

Take a look at the highlights!

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24 autos! and we actually hit an extra. For only having 60 cards in this break, it was packed with nice cards. The hit of the night was definitely the Robert Red Diffractor Auto out of 10. The Purple Gore Auto out of 150 held the title for a short time. Shed Long was well represented with a numbered auto and two base autos.

We hit a redemption of Nick Pratto for the Royals. It seems to be a base auto, but we also hit the same card without the redemption. Two Pratto base autos, one redemption, one in the pack.

Very shocked the top teams didn't do well in this one. The Yankees, Braves, and Angels all have lots of chances in Bowman High Tek and didn't hit much. It would have been nice if we didn't get so many doubles of some of the autos.

I'm going to cut this short because it feels like -22 degrees and the heat is not keeping up in the workshop.



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