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Break Recap - Two Weeks of Highlights

I apologize for the lack of recaps, Jon and myself have been very behind and hoping to catch up with Inception and Gypsy Queen. In the meantime, I wanted to do a post highlighting several breaks we have had over the past couple of weeks. In that time we have broken some 2018 Bowman's Best, 2015 Bowman's Best, and a 2018 High Tek Mixer.

I want to start with a "first" at The Card Swap. During the 2018 Bowman's Best 3-Box Break, we pulled my first ever Superfractor 1/1! Austin Meadows RC. Congrats to AC who had the Rays in that one.

There was also a nice Urias /50 auto and Florial auto. We did well with refractors as well. Green Jimenez, Blue Kelenic, Gold Justin Williams. Always love the Atomic Refractors as well.

The High Tek Mixer was a blast and gave some nice cards. A nice surprise was this Vlad Jr Pyroteknics /99

Some nice hits in this one to go with the Vlad. The Pavin Smith gold is beautiful and goes well with the Blue Godley auto. Some nice numbered as well with pair of Clint Fraziers. I love team colored parallels, and we hit two Jose Canseco green parallels. One Refractor and One Diffractor.

We did a break of 2015 Bowman's Best to go after some big rookies. This was a lot of fun and we did quite well.

Really nice hits with a Snell Green and a Benintendi Base Auto. Correa was the biggest rookie that we got.

I will have a separate post for all of the Donruss that we broke recently. There was a case of it and we got a lot of fun stuff! Then there will be another full post after our case of Inception has been all opened up.

Lots of new breaks being added! See what's we have coming up here!

Thanks for reading another Break Recap!

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