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Break Recap - Lots of Gypsy Queen!

So far, in the 2019 products, it seems that the most complete product was Gypsy Queen. GQ has a nice look this year, the colors seems to pop more than they have in the past. On-card autos look sharp on the vintage style. In addition to the autos, GQ is loaded parallels such as: Bazooka Back, Missing Nameplate, and GQ Logo Swap. They toned it down for the variations this year, and made it tougher to get. This year featured Jackie Robinson Day, 4th of July, and Player's Weekend Variations. Read more about the parallels and Variations here. This set also features Short Printed legends that hit about 1 per box. This set had a little bit of everything and is a good value for the price.

A new feature to GQ this year is the 3-card pack of GQ Chrome as a box-topper. Really nice surprise I thought, and they featured numbered refractors frequently. Some of the images were different than the base image which made it even cooler to me.

Check out some of the highlights...

Here are some fun pulls from 2019 Gypsy Queen...

- Torii Hunter Legend Auto

- Bazooka Back Auto Cedric Mullins RC /25

- Jacob DeGrom Auto

- Bryce Wilson B&W Mini Auto /50

- Michael Kopech Auto

- Acuna Black & White Parallel /50

- Felix Hernandez Chrome Red Refractor /5

- Brian Anderson Chrome Red Refractor /5

- Kyle Tucker Fortune Teller Green /99

- Matt Chapman Auto

- Willy Adames Indigo Auto

Thanks to everyone that joined the series of Gypsy Queen Breaks! GQ was a blast and I still have some left for down the road.

Lots of new breaks being added! See what's we have coming up here!

Thanks for reading another Break Recap!

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