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High Tek Strikes Again!

Over the last couple weeks, we held two separate High Tek Mixers. Each mixer features 2 boxes each of 2018 Topps High Tek and 2018 Bowman High Tek. We were looking for 12 Autos (got 13), and had some really big hits that came out of both breaks. I think most are familiar with this product, but I really just wanted to show the big hits that came from it.

I love High Tek! It always seems to deliver for us. Always so fun to open, and we pulled some big names from both High Tek products over the season. These were no different, they were absolutely packed. We pulled big hits from both products, in both breaks. It wasn't just Autos either, we pulled some nice numbered refractors and diffractors.

One down side was in both breaks, we rec'd the same 3 autos (White, Hasely, Welker). What's really funny is, the photos above were unplanned, and I just happen to position them all in the same exact order. Well funny to me, ha!

Here are big pulls from the 2 High Tek breaks...

- Roger Clemens Topps HT Auto

- Jose Altuve Topps HT Pyroteknics Auto /99

- Gleyber Torres Bowman HT Red Diffractor Auto /10

- Luis Robert Bowman HT Gold Refractor Auto /50

- Bryce Harper Topps HT Orange Galactic Diffractor 25/25

- Christian Pache Bowman HT Purple Refractor Auto /150

- Scott Kingery Topps HT RC Black Refractor Auto /50

- Jose Canseco Topps HT Auto

Thanks to everyone that joined this couple of High Tek Mixer!

Lots of new breaks being added! See what's we have coming up here!

Thanks for reading another Break Recap!

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