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Product Recap - 2019 Museum Collection

Museum Collection dropped this past week. We did our first ever Serial Number Break and this was the perfect product for this format. If you aren't familiar with a Serial Number Break, there are 10 spots, numbers 0-9 are randomized to the people in the break. That number becomes their number for the break. Any card that is serial numbered, and ends in that number will go to that person. If the card is not numbered, it will just go to the last digit of the card number. It was a lot of fun to break in this format and made every card important. It didn't hurt that we got some really nice cards from these breaks. I posted one to break on Saturday and it sold in less than a day, so we broke that early and another break was posted and we broke that one on Saturday.

Museum Collection is higher end product that features 20 cards per box. 2 autos and 2 relics make the box a fun open. They also feature parallels of the base cards. The set includes HOFers, Stars, and Rookies. There can be really nice quad relics found in these packs. We hit a nice Mets one.

Once thing I found concerning was how hard these cards are to keep in good shape. The cards are all thick which makes the corners tougher to keep sharp. The packaging could have been a little better in my opinion. One thing to watch for is the silver foil over the corners. We had several right out of the pack that were peeling. I still loved the product and the stuff that can be pulled is really fun to get, but it is a bummer getting cards that have issues right from the pack. Luckily, it didnt happen to anything major.

Here are all the highlights from 4 boxes of Museum...

Museum was a huge success for the 4 boxes that we opened. The Canvas Collection inserts are really nice cards. What makes Museum so nice though are the high quality hits that can be pulled. We did very well...

- Vlad Guerrero Jr RC Auto /299

- Ronald Acuna Jr Auto /199

- Juan Soto Superstar Showpieces Auto /25

- Luke Voit Auto Dual Relic /199

- Mets Quad Relic (Alonso, Rosario, Nimmo, Conforto)

- Braves Quad Relic (Donaldson, Albies, Freeman, Swanson)

- Vlad Jr. Brown Parallel RC

Thanks to everyone that joined the Museum Collection Serial Number Breaks! More to come

Thanks for reading another Break Recap!

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