Case Break Recap - 2019 Stadium Club

Topps released 2019 Stadium Club this past week. We broke a case of it, broken up into 2 half-case breaks. Since I was collecting in the 90's, Stadium Club has always been my favorite set. I was excited when they brought back in 2014 and liked the progress of the product since then. Last year I felt the hobby product of the product was a huge let down, but the product itself was still packed with good cards.

2019 was the exact opposite, so far the hobby product has been very enjoyable and has given us plenty of nice cards. Very happy with the adjustment. On release day, I previewed a box if you want to check out more about the set. Both of the breaks can be watched at the YouTube Channel as well.

A few things to look for in Stadium: Foil Parallels, Image Variations, Beam Team Box Hit, Instavision Case Hit, Gold Minted Case Hit, and Rainbow Foilboards.

Here are all the highlights from our first case of Stadium Club...

Gold Rainbow Foilboard 1/1