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2019 Bowman Platinum 2-Blaster Box Preview

Bowman Platinum was released again as a Wal-Mart exclusive product. I was able to get 9 blasters from my local store. There are also Monster Boxes that feature 2 autos. I had been checking their site to try and order some of the Monster boxes, but they weren't showing up when I searched. Immediately after I opened these blasters, I checked the site again and they were there! Stayed tuned for a full break of Bowman Platinum!

The box was broke live on my You Tube Channel. Bowman Platinum was a product back in 2012 that got me really back in collecting again. It offers prospects, stars, and rookies. Lots of fun parallels and variations as well.

4 SP rookie to chase are Vlad Jr, Tatis, Alonso, and Eloy Jimenez. This product also features top prospects like Wander Franco, Joey Bart, and Casey Mize. There is also 10 image variations to go after. Variation Guide has been updated if you'd like to read more about them.

Inserts in 2019 Bowman Platinum:

Galley Preview

Platinum Presence

Prismatic Prodigies

Prolific Power

Renowned Rookies

All of the inserts come with limited parallels.

Here are some of the highlights. Then I'll talk about some of the stuff I noticed from the two blaster boxes...

Fernando Tatis SP RC Variation
Vlad Jr Prismatic Prodigies

This was pretty much expected from only two blaster boxes, but it was good to get a good feel for the product. I think this might be the nicest looking Platinum set I've seen. I love how simple the card is but still with the chrome/flashy appeal.

- The inserts are very consistent with previous years. Maybe too consistent. The Prismatic Prodigies and Platinum Presence are VERY similar to last year.

- Chrome Refractors are very sharp. I pulled a Christin Stewart Purple Refractor /250

- Autos do come in blasters, we didn't hit one.

- After further review...we hit a RC SP Variation - Tatis card #23 replaces Josh Hader in the set!

I added a few of the decent cards to the shop!...come take a look at all the new stuff!

Stayed tuned, Bowman Platinum Break will be posted soon!

Thanks everyone for reading another product preview! - Aaron B

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