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Survey Results

Thank you to everyone that filled out the survey that was posted a couple weeks. There were a lot of submissions and I really appreciate your time to fill that out. The feedback I rec'd was great and so helpful in making sure that I provide the best experience for you.

Here is the feedback I heard, and I'll let you know what I'll be doing to keep the site changing and growing...


I personally never collected Graded Cards, so it's definitely a segment of the hobby that is missing from my site. After the feedback, there is a clear interest in graded cards.

I will be adding graded cards to the shop. I am currently looking to purchase lots and slowly build up the selection of graded items.

Also, I am partnering with someone to offer grading services. I am sending a few things with this next group sub and getting the progress down so it can be offered fully on the site. Stay Tuned!


Multiple Coupons - FIXED! You can enter multiple coupon codes now. Please use the orange coupon box on the first check-out page. Separate with a comma. Very Simple!

More Break Points - One suggestion that I really liked was people getting the chance to earn more Break Points towards credits. You may have noticed, that I have started offered bonus break points for joining the break the day of release. Also, stay tuned for a social media promo that will allow you to earn more break points soon. That will be coming this week.

Forum/Trading - I think this is a great idea and I am working on the best way to set this up. I am looking at a few options and will decide soon. Had a couple suggestions of people that enter breaks being able to trade cards they get in breaks, mostly referring to doubles and triples of base cards etc. I think this forum will also be able to help that. I am also thinking about starting the trade nights again.

Other Sports - Was surprised at the interest in football and basketball breaks! I tried them both a bit before and will be doing both again. Football is coming soon!

Singles Photos - Lot's of feedback that users like to see a picture of the back of the card. Moving forward this will be done automatically. I apologize that I probably won't be able to go back through and add them all existing products.

More High End Products - This is def in the future plans and kind of already getting there. The Serial Number break format really helps expose us to higher end products that now have an easier format to break with.

Buyers Guide - Someone suggested a "buyers guide" to products. I was also working on a preview idea and decided that these two items can be combined. I have done product previews of Stadium Club and Bowman Platinum. There is a quick break to check the product and a blog entry talking about the set.

Thank you everyone for the great feedback! There was great information that came back that will really help the site grow. There is a lot of fun things coming up and I can't wait to see how the rest of the year goes. - Aaron B

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