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Top 5 Most Sold Players On eBay

We all have that pile of cards in some room: One that you have combed through at least fifty times. In sifting through them, you find some winners. Whether it be the glorious Mike Trout rookie, or a card that brings great memories to you (for me, it’s any Andrew McCutchen card). After spending countless hours sifting, top-loading, and deciding which ones to sell, you begin to think, “how many Lastings Milledge cards actually have sold recently?” (211 as I write this). These are the top five most sold players in the past three months.

**One thing to note. I am relying on eBay statistics here. 1.1 million cards sold by the player were unspecified. Be sure to make your eBay listings extremely detailed so that this data, your success, and our sanity can be achieved.