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Topps Tribute Recap

Topps Tribute dropped last week. This is a higher end product of Topps that gives 3 autos and 3 relics per box. Each card (even the base) have a "glass" covering to them that make the card feel and look very high end. There are colored/numbered parallels and some very basic inserts. The product is packed with rookies and legends which made for a fun mix of nice cards to open up.

This was split up into two breaks. A 3-Box break to start, and 2-Box break the next night. The last box from the case will be used in our upcoming mixer.

Check out the highlights...

- Chipper Jones Orange Auto /25

- Don Mattingly Auto /150

- Steve Carlton Red Auto /10

- Luis Urias RC Auto Blue /150

- Trout/Pujols Dual Relic /50

- Kris Bryant Triple Relic

- 2 x Senzel Numbered Rookie Inserts

Thanks to everyone that joined the Tribute Breaks. I wouldn't be surprised if this comes back for another appearance.

Thanks for reading another Break Recap!

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