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2020 Panini Diamond Kings Review

Diamond Kings has always been a set bolstered by the artists energetic colors and abstract designs. The 2020 version of Diamond Kings is no different. The set features a 100 card base set with 70 short prints. Given that this is a smaller base set, Panini added a bunch of inserts. The pack layout tends to be 5 base cards, followed by an insert and ending with either a short print base card or an All Time Diamond King card.

DK Delong is a call back to the only year of the DeLong card set. Created in 1933, this 24 card set featured mostly hall of famers, like Lou Gehrig and Jimmie Fox, with tips on how to play baseball on the backs of each card. This set only ran for one year due to Goudey releasing their set the same year.

The other DK call back is the DK 206. Every collector knows the Honus Wagner T206 card, viewed as the most valuable card in the hobby. The T206’s were featured on cigarette packs in the early 1900’s and are extremely rare. DK 206 is a representation of that with former and current players dressed as if they were in the early 1900’s.

The Recollection Collection Buyback set features Aaron Judge, Alex Rodriguez, Craig Biggio, John Smoltz, Josh Donaldson, Mike Piazza, Paul Molitor, Randy Johnson, and Vladimir Guerrero Sr.

The huge hit in this checklist is the Diamond Cuts Masterpiece set. This 19 card set features autographs that are all 1/1’s with names like Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, and Ted Williams. The 2019 set featured cuts of checks and documents of players autographs.

2020 Diamond Kings is jam packed with vibrant inserts while calling back on players and sets that shaped the game and the hobby into what it is today.

Check out some of the highlights that we pulled from our case. It was broken up into 2 - Half Case Breaks. One big thing that was noticed was the lack of variety of inserts we received. There were 5 inserts that we did not see in our case. Diamond Kings might be a product we re-visit in the future.

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