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2024 Topps Big League + Custom Cards

Hello Hello! I've been in a hole as of late while I train myself on the custom cards. It's been great and I love where things are at with them. There's lots more to come. But that's why the site hasn't been up to date as of late. So here's a blog post to keep you posted to everything that's going on!

Two formats set for release day! First format is a traditional Pick-Your-Team. I loaded up the combos a bit more this time.

Second format is a PYT plus RANDOM DODGERS. This one's easy. Dodgers won't be available to purchase, but I'll randomize them to someone who purchases a team/spot (combos count as one entry). I did add $5 to some of the teams to help cover the cost of the Dodgers but gives everyone a chance at the hottest team!

We'll see how these two sell and I'll determine which format to post next. Also considering a full random team break for Big League as well.

Please check out the new Custom Card Shop on the Site! Here's what I've created and printed so far that I feel like is ready to go. All cards have proper attribution credits and look/feel like a real card!

There's also a quick video where I show them and talk about them a bit more. If you're interested in that kind of thing!

In other site news, regular singles are now 30% off! Forgive me for the boring graphic but it does the job. This will be a short sale while I clear out and start to get the next round of singles ready to post to the site. Help me...Help you :-)

That's about it right now but I felt bad for not keeping up on the blog with updates and news. See you next week for Big League! - Aaron B.


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