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eBay Hunting with TheCardSwap

Instead of posting the eBay links to the homepage, I'll just do these posts everyone once in awhile to show you guys what I'm looking at and anything cool I think people would like. Sure everyone is talking about Julio Rodriguez, but if you're not looking spend a lot, these searches might spark some good ideas.

This set is just a fun insert set with a certain theme around Y2K. The Griffey is amazing, but there is a decent checklist too.

Some of the listings are way too high, but this is a very nice refractor that shouldn't be too expensive to add someone to your PC. Even if it you have to a week or two to prices to level out.

I recently found that that 2002 Pristine also had encased refractors. Also for NFL and NBA. There's some fun stuff to browse. Not sure if they did them other years or not, but these are definitely worth a look.

Not many autos available of the 2022 MLB #1 Draft Pick, but here's a look at what you get as of now

Congrats to the 2022 Home Run Derby Winner! Want to check out some of Topps Photo Variations? He's got some cool ones.

Thanks for reading! Being an eBay "partner", any time purchases come through my "portal", I get a small commission for the sale. Any support is greatly appreciate! You can save this link and any searches will be a part of my partner program. Thanks so much for everyone that helps keep The Card Swap going!


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