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The Swap Cast - Episode #1 - The Seattle Pilot

It's here! My first attempt at putting together a weekly show. Kind of a podcast, kind of not. But we hope you have fun with it. The Pilot episode features our first Scavenger Hunt, June's Sizzle Reel, Card Roast, and more! It also features a Top 10 collab with Philthy Card Breaks (Twitter - YouTube). Thanks so much Phil and can't wait to see what else we can work on together. Here's Scavenger Hunt information and more stuff from the episode.

Don't forget to share your Scavenger Hunt results and tag me on Social Media!


Follow Philthy Card Breaks Here

Thanks everyone for watching! I'm really happy with how episode 1 came out, but more excited with ideas to make it better as we go. Wanna film a segment for a future episode? Let me know! AB


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