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Episode 5 + Chrome Platinum Highlights

Hello Hello! I hope everyone is having a good week so far. Episode 5 of The Swap Cast is posted! Should be a fun episode featuring Stephen B as we check out some Immaculate Grid, Scavenger Hunt, Football PC Journey, and some Vintage Baseball. Thanks everyone for watching. Please hit like if you don't mind. Even if you hate it, but don't mind me. :-)

This past week has been all about the release of 2022 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary. We've going through just over 2 cases so far and we've pulled some really cool stuff. These boxes are loaded with refractors and if you get a good auto, that's an added bonus.

Congrats to the Yankees in the case break. That was a break of a lifetime!

Thanks everyone for joining me for Chrome Platinum. I really enjoyed the product this year and was glad it was worth the wait.

If you made this far and are looking for more to watch...

We'll have some more Chrome Platinum Breaks this week if you're interested.

Thanks everyone - AB


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