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Favorite Inserts from 2022

Inserts are one of my favorite parts of collecting cards. Started collecting in the 80's, which gave me the chance to see inserts really take off as part of the sets. 90's Inserts are always on my list when out card hunting. It's especially cool for me when current products do throwbacks to the those 90's inserts. 2 of which have made my list of favorites.

Didn't want this to be a Top 5 list or anything, really just wanted to put my favorite inserts in one place, and didn't want to leave anything off. Even though, I'm sure I forgot some. These were the 7 that I thought of, in no particular order. (Links go to ebay listings)

- Home Field Advantage has become a fun chase for Flagship Topps. Even if they stole the concept from Panini, it works really well. Inner Card Swap Circles refer to this as "Uptown".

- Supernova came from Cosmic so it's not one we saw a lot of, but look at that design.

- Beam Team is the first throwback on the list. Let's be honest, this will always make my list. Even this year, when the design isn't the best and the rarity made them tougher to pull.

- Heart of City has a Home Field Advantage feel to it and it looks great in chrome. Despite 1/3 of the checklist not being on the team no longer.

- BlackGold is another throwback that recently Topps brought back. Has the traditional BlackGold look with some updates.

- It Came to the League is a new insert and has a really cool comic book vibe to it. I do wish this was made for rookies and not prospects.

- InstaVision is another one that will probably always make the list. Doesn't change much year to year, but always a fun pull and a great add to any PC

- HONORABLE MENTIONS - Black Jack and Launched into Orbit

Saw some responses out there of nice inserts that I forgot. One recent and one earlier in the season.

From 2022 Bowman Draft, Check out this Heir Apparent Insert! I usually will always like an insert that features the team logo so prominently.

From Topps, was this sweet, Sweet Shades insert. This was a nice foil set from Flagship. We were lucky enough to pull this Bichette auto from the set. Check out more highlights from the Hall of Hits

What's your favorite insert from 2022? Drop a comment below and let me know what I missed!

Thanks everyone for reading! AB

this is an excerpt from The News Swap #7

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Jeremy Dionisio
Jeremy Dionisio
Jan 03, 2023

I was also a fan of the Heart of the City inserts, repping Chicago - wish there was a Cubs version though.

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