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Heritage Highlights

Here's all of the highlights from our round of Heritage breaks. We checked out 2 cases spread out over 7 breaks.

Started with 4 boxes and some ink. Nice run of Rookie Variations as well. We pulled the Anthony Volpe SP Variation and I didn't realize it was so rare. I thought it was just a normal Short Print. My bad on that one!

Next 4 boxes we saw our first Stamp, and a sweet Gunnar Henderson variation. Our first look at the B&W variations.

Final 4 boxes of case #1, we saw 2 autos and our hot box!

Started Case #2 with a 2-box random team break and this was packed for two boxes. We hit the Yoshida SP which was huge and here comes a run of Christopher Morel stuff.

More Morel. Auto and Position Swap Variation. Nice break for the Yankees. This was a 4-Box PYT.

Closed out Heritage with a pair of 3-box PYT's. #1 was a banger as we saw our first puzzle, Fergie Jenkins auto, and a nice Baty Refractor.

Final break! Baty auto! Betts Stamp! Greene Variation! & a HOT BOX! I think it was the same hot box we got in case #1.

Closed out with two puzzles as well. These are /500

That's wraps everything up for Heritage for now. We could revisit it down the road, but we'll def see more in a mixer.

Next up is a Mega Mixer, Bowman Mega Boxes, and Series 2!

Thanks everyone for joining Heritage. Not usually one of my favorites because there's usually not a ton to go around everyone, but these just seemed better and there was a lot to look for. I like how they handled the rookies for Heritage.


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