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Highlights & More

Hello Hello and Thank you to everyone who joined me so far for our round of Series 2 Breaks. Here's all the highlights from those 5 breaks, plus some WBC highlights and more. These Highlights are not in order as I have lost track :-)

Corbin Carroll Rainbow Foil. Spencer Steer 88 Auto. Gio Urshela is still signing his name like that.

Silver Slugger Pins are really nice for a Manufactured "relic". Another 88 RC Auto and RC Rainbow Foil. Legends of the Game in blue are sharp!

Josh Jung 88 RC Auto! Anthony Volpe Rookie Rainbow Foil!

Eddie Murray 88 All Star Auto Black Parallel was a huge surprise. Our first Home Field Advantage of Series 2!

Yoshida Gold Foil RC! Another Ford Proctor. Meneses Advanced Stats.

Up next, we'll be breaking 3 boxes of Series 2 Jumbos in a Fast Break (see details for rules) on Monday Night. Hopefully we'll see our first Golden Mirror SSP!

Want to check out the new singles and a box of 1990 ProCards Pre-Rookies? Here's the link from Sunday Nights Card Sesh Video.

Lots of Series 2 singles to check out.

Other Baseball singles, plus some Football and Basketball stuff as well.

Some cool surprises from the 1990 Pre-Rookie Box. Always cool seeing these Blasts from the Past. How about that Pat Mahomes! Forgot about the Big Frank so that was cool to see.

These deserved to be shared. The photos are amazing on some of these. I want to meet Paul Noce and ask him some questions about this one. Please note that Greg Booker is a Pitcher and in catcher's gear which I found funny. I made a joke about Clay Bellinger being Cody's dad, turns out, it was true.

Thanks everyone for joining Series 2, Watching the Singles Video, and just continuing to check out the site! AB


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